Change to new Twitter profile design dimensions

The new Twitter profile design has now changed for all, earlier this month Twitter changed its design but it was not available for everyone. When you visit your Twitter page now you will be prompted with the change and a little Twitter walkthrough of these changes.

There is no denying the new Twitter profile is a lot like Facebook, but what works for the largest social networking site will also work for Twitter it seems, the new Twitter profile design dimensions are somewhat bigger and in our eyes much more cleaner than Facebook.

Everything is big and clean – We say clean for now, because Twitter ads will soon spoil this and then it will be a Facebook twin. Twitter users will notice tweets big and small; this is simply down to the tweets getting larger dependent on the popularity.

You can edit the whole Twitter design with new profile and header photo as well as description etc straight from the profile page, no need to go into settings. The Twitter profile header image will now be behind your profile photo, the header photo can now be set at 1500 pixels wide max, which is just like Google Plus and Facebook.

Twitter Followers

Trends and Who to Follow have been moved, these are now on show on the right hand side, not too sure if we like the trends where they are. Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers and More are now prominent right above the tweeted posts, when you click the More tab this will take you to lists, which shows you the ‘Subscribed to’, ‘Member of’ and ‘Create new list’. When you click on ‘Followers’ you will see those that are following you, this has had a major change and we love it. It is now sort of like the Pinterest Pins layout, altogether we love the new Twitter look.

You can now change to the new Twitter profile design – Do you like the new design? Please do follow OSM on Twitter.

Change to new Twitter profile design dimensions