Cartoon Face maker project for Facebook, Twitter

A new kickstarter campaign is underway titled ‘Cartoon Face The Project’, by Ben Middleton where he will create brilliant cartoon faces for you to enjoy of yourself or a friend, which can then be used anywhere such as Facebook, Twitter, forums etc.

Project Cartoon Face will only be funded if it reaches the £25 goal by Thu, May 15 2014 4:57 PM BST, so far the Kickstarter project has raised £20.00 with 22 days still to go.

For those wishing to back the project all you need to do is pledge £10 and you will get one ‘Cartoon Face Portrait’ from the shoulder up to the head, every face that is created will be put on the website forever, the estimated delivery of the portrait will be in May this year.

With the web designer and digital painter designers working on the project who loves designing and digital drawing they will create the Cartoon Faces, which will look awesome as a Facebook or Twitter photo, avatar so to speak.

These Cartoon Faces seem rather good and would make a perfect gift – But would you pay £10 for a Cartoon Face to use as your Facebook or Twitter profile photo?

Cartoon Face maker project for Facebook, Twitter