Twitter coverage after South Korea ferry to jeju sinks

A ferry, which left Incheon port, west of Seoul on route to the southern island of Jeju sank in freezing waters has killed two passengers with around 293 still missing. There were 459 passengers on board the ferry and 164 were pulled to safety, since the news broke Twitter coverage has been immense.

The latest news reports there are about 34 vessels, 18 helicopters including special-operations divers working around the clock in this special rescue operation. Yonhap News reports the Sewol weighing 6,325-tons was carrying 459 people and these included 325 students from a high school in Ansan.

The ferry sent out a distress call at 8:58 am 20 kilometers off the island of Byeongpoong, The BBC reported via Twitter saying, “S Korea ferry carrying 350 ‘sinking’” – you can see the tweet below.

Most of the passengers were students on their way to the resort island of Jeju with their teachers, according to an official at the Danwon High School all of the 338 students and teachers had been rescued, we are not too sure if this is correct as the latest news reveals one of the two that died was an high-school student and the other being a 27-year-old crew member.

No one is sure why the ferry was sinking, it could have hit something. Apparently there was a bang and then the ship started to tilt and then that is when it started to sink according to one survivor.

So many tweets are coming in and even though this news is so sad you get the sick and twisted posting messages like this one below – you should be ashamed.

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Twitter coverage after South Korea ferry to jeju sinks