LinkedIn problem processing your post update request

LinkedIn seems to be having a few teething problems when trying to post an update, as soon as you click share it seems to take for ever sharing the update.

I went onto my personal LinkedIn profile (Mark Chubb) and then went to the homepage to share something, I wanted to share, “Have you got anything inspirational to say to those looking for a new job on LinkedIn?” This is when the issue began –

The first LinkedIn message we got was, “We were unable to post your update since it is a duplicate of your most recent update,” But then soon after we clicked the share button again we got, “We’re sorry. Something unexpected happened and your request could not be completed. Please try again.”

Now I know it will come up with an error message if you duplicate something you posted before, but it did not show it was uploaded onto the LinkedIn wall, all I got was the process circle going around and around as if it was taking forever to post.

No matter what I try to post on LinkedIn I get the “We’re sorry. Something unexpected happened and your request could not be completed. Please try again.” Message – and then when you click share again it says it’s a duplicate.

I have restarted router, cleared browsers history and cache etc, restarted computer, signed out of LinkedIn and then signed back in and still the problem persists.

Are you having problems processing your LinkedIn post update request?

LinkedIn problem processing your post update request

  • Roger L. Cauvin

    I’m experiencing this same problem.

  • S. Morzeno

    I’m also experiencing this issue.

  • V. Newman

    Strange, I ran into the same issue; very frustrating… wanted to post an update with a photo and tag people, but the system constantly kept saying I already made the post. The work around was to first post the photo, then go into the comments section and add copy and tag people. Seemed to work then.

  • niaLLLarkin

    I am also having this problem. Very frustrating!

  • Linda Grush

    I am having this problem as well.

  • Adam L Tucker

    me too.

  • Mahmoud Badr

    So what is the solution for this?

  • Upset user

    Having this issue currently trying to update my employment detail’s for my current Company and need to resolve before 5PM today when the closing deadline IS for a new position applying for our County to view and accept instead of my resume. They requested LinkedIN only, so have been awaiting ALL AM and this afternoon for a reply answer back WTHech is going on why I cannot save my new information and shouldn’t have these continued issues on a Business social site.. Geeeesh…. Getting OLD. Done.. SO damn done… I’m going to lost this opportunity IF cannot send correctly also.

  • gemi

    Same issue.