Twitter Academy Webinar for growing followers

A new Twitter Academy Webinar is being held on Wednesday April 16th 2014 at 2:00 PM (GMT), titled “Learn how to grow your followers.”

The Webinar only runs for 30 minutes and covers a few things to help you extend your Twitter reach as well as building an engaged community.

You will have to register and then and only then can you learn more about “How to grow your followers on Twitter.”

As far as we can see the Webinar is not for the selected, it seems to be open for any UK Twitter user, which basically means anyone living in the UK can attend. You can register on this website.

The Twitter Webinar by Brian Lavery @lav / Partnership Manager – Twitter Europe will cover creative ideas for gaining more Twitter followers, a little about the new features of Promoted Accounts will be discussed, also included is the how to maximise the performance of Promoted Accounts.

Are you going to be joining the Twitter Academy Webinar tomorrow?

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