Silicon Valley TV show HBO trailer removed from YouTube

Taking after the Game of Thrones season 4 debut on Sunday night HBO disclosed their most recent half-hour parody Silicon Valley on YouTube, but since it went live it has since been removed from the HBO YouTube channel.

The show takes after a gathering of ambitious people who make a tech item that is immediately recognized by two potential speculators. All around the accompanying scenes, Richard and his aggregation of geeky companions manages this sudden premium.

Hypable screened the initial five scenes of Silicon Valley. We think its a solid parody from Mike Judge, but however alert that the individuals who aren’t tech insightful to a certain degree will have some major difficulty getting a charge out of the show. Case in point, there are various references to different organizations, CEOs, and different parts of the Bay Area that we think will be lost on generally viewers. HBO is wagering on the tech-proficient group to drive this present show’s viewership.

In any case, Silicon Valley is a laugh uncontrollably satire that ought to be increased in value by the tech world for its translation of what happens when a little fellow – a Mark Zuckerberg anxious part played by Thomas Middleditch – is really funny.

Since it has been removed we thought we would share with you some other HBO Silicon Valley YouTube clips. You can watch Silicon Valley scene 1 below, we have also added a few other HBO Silicon Valley videos for you to watch. We have also included – Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode 1 Clip #1 (HBO), Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode 1 Clip #2 (HBO), Silicon Valley Season 1: Critics Spot (HBO), Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode #2 Preview (HBO) and Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode 1 Deleted Scene (HBO).

Why has HBO removed the Silicon Valley Premiere on YouTube?

Silicon Valley TV show premier removed from HBO YouTube