Ford S-MAX Vignale concept social media awareness

Ford has shown off the new S-MAX Vignale Concept car at Milan during the Fashion Week, and the social media awareness is huge. Everywhere we look we see both messages and comments on the 2016 Ford Bronco and now the Ford S-MAX Vignale.

We know the Ford Bronco was an April Fools’ Day joke, but the S-MAX Vignale is very much real.

The new S-MAX Vignale is basically an MPV and may not be sold in the United States, it may do but as far as we can tell its only being released in European countries first.

It has been said both the Ford Mondeo Vignale and S-MAX Vignale will be sold from early 2015,

When you visit Trends Map and search #FordVignale it seems to be very popular in three areas, central Spain, Barcelona and London and on the right hands side you can see all the latest tweets coming in.

If you visit this Facebook page titled, “Ford S-MAX Vignale Concept” you can get to see all the stunning photos of the vehicle. It say’s the S-MAX Vignale Concept follows the Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept when it comes to a premium design – you can also see the comments underneath, which are worth reading, one commenter said, “WOW! Ford gunning for Merc and BMW now? Epic car. Hope it comes with some epic engines!”

Even visiting Google Plus there is a lot of information and comments on the new S-MAX Vignale, you can also see many tweets on Twitter about the new concept. Looks like social media is very good at getting a new name across to the general public.

What do you think about the new Ford S-MAX Vignale concept?

Ford S-MAX Vignale concept social media awareness