Inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams

Over on the News/Talk WOKV Facebook page there is an inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams, which will tug at your emotions.

News/Talk WOKV Facebook page provides information about severe weather, accurate traffic, top stories and breaking news and Jacksonville depends on this information – the profile also says they are now on 104.5 FM and AM 690.

Let’s talk a little about the inspirational news piece we saw on News/Talk WOKV, if you take a look at the photo above you will see two women, the one on the left is 21-year-old Kristina Chesterman and the one on the right is 64 year-old Susan Vieria.

Nursing student Kristina Chesterman sadly died after being knocked off her bike by a drunk driver, she had a bucket list that included flying an airplane, traveling the world and riding a camel.

Susan Vieria has congestive heart failure and because Kristina was an organ donor her heart went to the 64 year-old. Kristina may not be able to fulfil her bucket list, but her heart will thanks to Susan Vieria living out her dreams.

We found this heartfelt story via the News/Talk WOKV Facebook page, but you can also watch ‘The Mark Kaye Show’ YouTube video titled “Woman Completing the Bucket List of Her Heart Transplant Donor” below.

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What inspiration Facebook statuses have you seen before that brought tears to your eyes?

Inspirational Facebook status about life and dreams