Twitter helmet debate, release for fun please

It is of course and April fools joke when Twitter announced its new ‘Twitter Helmet’, but what if they did release it in September, would you actually wear and use it?

Users of the Twitter Helmet would be able to send tweets by moving their heads in a bird manner of head motions. Just imagine wearing a helmet, which looks like the one below in the video and then bobbing your head in a forward motion like a bird to send Twitter messages – idiot comes to mind.

We know its an April Fools’ Day joke but we actually want to see one now just for fun, call this a poll, call it a debate – Would you use a Twitter Helmet at home to send tweets?

Over on the Twitter blog a post was published about the new Twitter Helmet and it being released this September for $139.99, accessories will also go on sale that look like feather-shaped Wi-Fi and cellular signal boosters, nice one Twitter.

Come on Twitter, just release it even as a novelty Twitter product. We all know how well novelty products do, so just release for the fun and we can create a whole new Twitter viral dance of millions using their helmets using bird head motions, we believe it should be part of a crowd source campaign.

Would you use the Twitter Helmet at home? – Join the debate and answer the question please.

Twitter helmet debate, release for fun please