LinkedIn products and services tab retirement

In an endeavour to make LinkedIn more captivating, the professional social media site likes to present new overhauls and tweaking its Company Pages. Linkedin has announced it will as of April 14 evacuate the Products & Services tab from all Company Pages.

This tab was at first acquainted to organizations emphasize their top items and benefits, and additionally administer proposals from customers. LinkedIn decided it was best to evacuate the tab – this means LinkedIn users will be able to edit their Products & Services content, but they will not be able to add new items.

In its authority publication, LinkedIn didn’t expand on the explanations for this choice.

If you visit this official LinkedIn page it explains how you can use two alternatives for sharing products and services content that many companies are already using – these include company’s updates and Showcase Pages.

Both Product & Services Pages are similar to Showcase Pages but with a slight set back, using Showcase Pages you are limited to 200 characters to describe a product or service and client recommendations cannot be published.

What are your views on losing the Products & Services tab?

LinkedIn products and services tab retirement