Google Glass Plus vs Facebook Oculus Rift

The case of Google Glass vs Oculus Rift or class vs ridiculous is somewhat truthful to some, social media is a way of life and so is technology and when combining the two together we could have something very special indeed. Google Glass and the recent Facebook purchase of the Oculus Rift could have a major impact on its social media sites – But which one is best?

Google Glass Plus vs Facebook Oculus Rift
It is called the Google Glass, but we want to combine the glasses with Google Plus to bring something special in the way we search, conduct Hangouts and the way we could shop and communicate with others within the Google Plus network.

Google Plus users add photos everyday and we know Google Glass allows users to speak the words “take a picture” hands-free and the ability to record as well in the same manner. Once this process has been done Google Glass could then be asked to “Share picture to Google Plus” and then it will automatically happen.

You could even hold a live Google Hangout without the need for a laptop or desktop and yet again all hands-free, the ability for others to connect with total portability wherever you are at any given time.

Google Glass is a wearable tech device worn like glasses featuring OMHD (optical head-mounted display) and this tech can be used with Google Plus in so many ways. Say you are on a motorbike and you record your journey, this could be posted to Google Plus within seconds without the need to drag it from glasses to computer etc.

The Facebook Oculus Rift, not at all good-looking and very bulky indeed, it comes with a huge 7-inch LCD screen, which of course limits use and is not portable.

Oculus Rift 2.0 comes with 1080p resolution and head tracking technology and will work very well indeed with the Facebook Market place, Facebook shopping will become very easy indeed and highly interactive. Yes, we like this idea very much but believe the Oculus Rift has too many restrictions and nowhere as portable as Google Glass.

For virtual reality the Oculus Rift is far superior when it comes to an immersive environment and realistic 3D gaming, but it is a gadget best used at home or in the office.

When it comes to social networking I would love to test out new parameters’ of Google Glass and it’s connection with Google Plus.

Google Plus becomes a part of you still allowing you to be in the real world, the Oculus Rift is a gadget for those wishing to escape real life. Google Glass Explorer Edition would work wonders with Google Plus; the ability to hangout and share would be magical.

I would love to test both units, only then can I really give a valid point or view, personally I am leaning towards the Google Glasses.

Do you prefer the likes of using Google Glass with Google Plus or the Oculus Rift with Facebook?

Google Glass Plus vs Facebook Oculus Rift

  • v

    test it 1st. Comparing VR vs. HUD? They are not versus, they have almost completely different (possibly complementing) use cases.

    IMO – VR social interaction is for when you are separated by distance, and you would have to use texting, social media sites, teleconferencing, phone. The keyword is virtual presence. HUD – you already have presence in this reality but you want additional information in front of your eyes.

    VR – the social target – to have a simulation of bodily social presence, when such is not available at the moment IRL.

    HUD – a phone display in front of you.

  • Alcatraz

    > for me it’s a gadget best used at home or in the office and not when out and about

    oh Lord *pacepalm*. Please, next time write about how smartphone is better then home theatre. Pleeeease.

    How did author even got an idea VR is meant to be worn on public? Or good for FB marketplace? How uninformed he needs to be to write publicly something like that?

    VR is not mobile device. You are blind while you are in! And learn more about application and features it is meant to be used with.

    Google Glass is pretty useless device. If it is AR at least, but it’s not. Battery life denies to be used in normal day. Taking picture with voice is much better then with normal camera, sure. If I need while doing something I use existing head mounted cameras with high FOV or decent light system (glass has neither of it). Too expensive to work as handsfree phone (car system is much better). Googling with glass is really bad because of small display and terrible navigation around web.

    If I want similar device I will choose smart watches. They do the same, looks much better, are cheaper and much easier to use. That’s at least convenient interface between everyday work and smartphone.

    But neither of them has ANYTHING to do with OR/VR. They have as much common as parachute and Boeing 747.