launch a new customizable start page was one of the promising new start page services that erupted after Google shut down iGoogle in November 2013. Since its launch, the team behind Startme have worked on a new version that has now launched under a new name: allows users to setup a custom start page with their favorite websites, news feeds, mail, social updates and other web content (weather, stock info, sports scores, notes, etc).

The site has a simple and elegant design and works well on all modern browsers across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Users can take full control over the layout and choose from one of the many beautiful themes that offers. makes it easy to search in multiple search engines through one simple search box. There is a list of default search providers you can choose from and you can add your own custom search providers as well.

All data is stored privately, but there is an option to publish your page and share it with the rest of the world.

Besides the main app, provides browser extensions and bookmarklets allowing you to add bookmarks & feed to your start page with 1-single mouse click. ’s Michiel de Wit: “Our mission is to help the web community getting started easier and quicker. We want to achieve this by developing a start page that offers users minimal distractions and maximum control.”

One of the downsides of, compared to iGoogle, is the relative small number of widgets that are available. However, Michiel re-assured us that, with the new site being live now, many more widgets are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Do you miss iGoogle? If you do then may be what you have been looking for. launch a new customizable start page