Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring

Many professions are using public social media, and when it comes to their professional lives nurses, pharmacists, doctors and many other healthcare professionals are using social media as a way of live online. This is where Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring is fully shown in the video provided below.

The video highlights many different ways how healthcare professionals connect with each other via social media networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, even how professionals connect using forums and blogs.

Social media is a great way to share medical ideas with millions of other healthcare professionals all around the world, to break it down in simple terms ‘Creation Pinpoint’ tracks billions of tweets, blog posts etc per day as well as storing many healthcare profiles, sites, blogs and then tracks the social media sites mentioned above and indexes everything to learn about their behaviour.

Creation Pinpoint studies healthcare professionals and their studies, conversations and collects all the knowledge and then identifies information needs or concerns.

Creation Pinpoint is the first service dedicated to providing competitive business intelligence and insights from healthcare professional conversation in public social channels.

When you look at the global stats it makes sense to have social media set in place for ‘Creation Healthcare Pinpoint’ professionals have already contributed a lot, such as 208 million tweets with 152 thousand tweets per day, Creation Pinpoint Engine analyzes live data showing 89,824,885 potential HCP profiles, 373,934 selected profiles in HCP networks, 79,142 deep analysed profiles and 24,519 HCP blogs & sites – more statistics here.

Seems like social media is the best way for healthcare professionals to connect, please do watch the ‘Physicians in social media: Listening with Creation Pinpoint’ YouTube video below.

Are you a healthcare professional who uses social media to connect?

Creation Pinpoint for social media healthcare monitoring