Twitter Earthquake today in Chile, La Habra via tweets

After the devastating 8.2-magnitude Earthquake in Chile thousands of people are getting Tsunami and evacuation warning, even after earthquake La Habra the Twitter responses have been coming in.

All our thoughts go out to those affected after the Chile and La Habra earthquakes, there have been tsunami warnings in Chile, Ecuador and Peru, as well as tsunami watches in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama.

The Guardian reports the magnitude 8.2 Chile earthquake has killed five people and around 300 prisoners from a women’s prison have escaped.

When we looked at the Twitter hashtags #ChileEarthquake and #Chile you can see so many tweets from news groups, people and many celebrities. One tweet was from the famous Snooki – see below.

After the 5.1 earthquake hit La Habra on Friday 28th thousands were left shocked after another 2.8-magnitude quake hit yesterday April 1st, it was big enough to scare a few people after the shock.

So many tweets have poured in since earthquake La Habra with one tweeter saying, “We had felt several aftershocks, this one woke us up,”

We searched Twitter using hashtags #LaHabra and #LaHabraEarthquake.

A few tweets below are from Steve Martin, please read them below.

Did the earthquakes in Chile or La Habra affect you?

Image above via BBC News

Twitter Earthquake today in Chile, La Habra via tweets

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