Trey Songz bi Twitter beef tweets back

Trey Songz was not too happy recently, so much so he reacted to claims about his personal life. The R&B star was said to be a homosexual on Twitter, he will was reported to being homosexual and not homosexual and will marry the man of his life one day.

The claims all started from the flamboyant website called, some of their news pieces are just a tad far-fetched and obviously wanted a reaction to the singer’s made-up confession, which we might add is NOT true.

After this apparent Gay confession was made Trey Songz took to Twitter and posted a few tweets regarding the above, the singer did tweet, “If I’m gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session wit Biggie tomorrow. No weapon. #LOVE” Just this tweet alone was retweeted 16,048 times.

When showed off the fake tweet shown above it showed it was retweeted 57k times. The tweet says, “I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. All games and jokes aside… I’m Gay.” The sites article got shared 2.5k times on Facebook and 187 times on Twitter.

The star said his piece in a few tweets shown below –

What are your views on the fake article and tweet of Trey Songz being gay?

Trey Songz bi Twitter beef tweets back

  • LLaqui

    I knew it!

  • kage

    well hes already admitted to having sex with a couple of his guy friends in college to “explore” his sexuality so i dont believe its fake i think he deleted it after posting it

    • riia

      Well stupid he never went to college so get ur facts straight #jussayin

  • Al

    Why is it always the male R&B artist are suppose to be gay over the years??

  • Bianca Williams

    Well Trey, if they’re lying and calling you gay you must be making major moves! Congrats!

    • Bianca Williams

      Is that you again fag?

      • Bianca Williams

        You are a stupid little boy

    • Darren Myt Collins

      Did you hear me? Ugly whore. I’ll piss in your face and wash off some of that clown makeup.

      • Bianca Williams

        Are you a grown man? OR a little girl?

        • Darren Myt Collins

          I would prostitute you. Around the clock.

          • Bianca Williams

            Just like your mom?

  • smh

    yall are dumb asf

  • chantel

    Omg i just talk to u and u did not tell me u were gay but i still love u