The need for Google Plus profile views

For those of you emulating at home, the online networking measurements Google Plus has set-up leaves the mind boggled. Google Plus has recently updated its social network to include how many times your posts and profile etc has been viewed.

Google made no announcements about the change, which tells us they wanted give us a surprise, its not as if we would not notice it. They did supply us all with an help page, it allows us to see how many views we have had on our Google Plus profiles and even our photos, which in one respect is a good thing because it allows us to learn what type of photo attracts the viewers.

The page additionally notes that view numbers “may not be correct, and they may not be redesigned progressively.” We can see this being very useful for advertisers etc, but do we really need to know how many views we have had on our personal profiles?

The likes of Guy Kawasaki has had 350,742,894 views, my personal Mark Chubb Google Plus profile has 45,369 followers and 1,924,636 views, which is a massive difference to Guy’s; but then he is really well known. When you look at our OSM Google Plus profile you will see we have 143 followers and 31,719 views and climbing.

You can switch the views on or off within the Google Plus settings, simple to do with a tick.

Do you think we need the Google Plus views, what purpose does it suit you?

The need for Google Plus profile views

  • TC

    I just noticed it today. My response was, “Huh?” It’s not really helpful to me at all, but It’s not a bad thing either. It’s just there.