Google Plus Hangout on LinkedIn contacts and mailing lists

Sarah Santacroce is holding a Google Plus Hangout tomorrow discussing LinkedIn contacts and mailing lists, this will be a Q&A Hangout starting tomorrow April 3rd at 10.00 am EST (3.00 pm CET).

The likes of Greg Cooper who holds regular events in Bristol, UK will be joining Sarah Santacroce to discuss the right and wrong ways on how to use LinkedIn to build a mailing list.

Cooper who is known for being very active on Google Plus and LinkedIn has reported he will be joining the hangout even though his name shows up under the ‘Not Responded’ section on Sarah Santacroces’ event page. He will be helping Sarah answer a LinkedIn question from Joseph O’Connor.

The Hangout will last 15 minutes, if you wish to ask questions on the spot then this one may not be for you. Sarah will be asking a question and it will be about that particular topic tomorrow and in this case it’s to do with LinkedIn contacts and mailing lists.

Will you be joining the Q&A Thursday with Sarah: LinkedIn Contacts & Mailing Lists Hangout?

Google Plus Hangout on LinkedIn contacts & mailing lists