YouTube pranks 2014 viral video trends

The Harlem Shake was very popular indeed on YouTube, as so was the lovely Rebecca Black’s Friday video, these both made the world sit up and watch making them go viral. YouTube admitted they were behind these YouTube memes, From the Gangnam style to planking, YouTube were the ones behind them.

YouTube HQ shows they write, shoot, and upload all of the world’s most popular viral videos and below in the video you can see the next trends for 2014.

You can even set new trends and let YouTube know, simply submit your own with the hashtag #newtrends – if YouTube likes you will become a trend.

In the video some of the new trends include Kissing My Dad, Clocking, Glove Glove Water Dance melody, Finish Lining, Butter Fail, and even baby Shaming, there are a few more so please do watch the video below. How about a new YouTube trend called “Elaborate Divorces”, it just get’s crazier.

Love the baby shaming one where the man is holding his baby with a sign saying “Can’t Read”, it is where you mock your baby fro lacking abilities. He has to take care of the baby all of the time because it cannot read.

Are you going to pay tribute to April Fool’s Day, and will you start recording one of these trends?

YouTube pranks 2014 viral video trends