Pinterest has changed design back to old

Back in February the new Pinterest login revealed a design overhaul, but for some unknown reason this has been changed back to the way it looked before.

When we logged in this morning to OSM’s Pinterest account we noticed the new design no longer shows for us, instead we are getting the old look, which we prefer as its easier to add pins thanks to the ‘+’ instead of having had to click on the ‘More’ tab and then adding a pin on the newer design.

There is no need to go into great detail about this as it is a simple design change from new back to old, we are not too sure if they changed it back on our Pinterest account only because we have not updated since last Wednesday due to being on holiday.

We personally believe and hope we are right in saying, Pinterest probably changed back because the old look with the ‘+’ tab for adding pins was so much easier.

Have you got the old or new Pinterest design?

Pinterest has changed design back pic 1

Pinterest has changed design back