Google Plus April Fools Photobombs with David Hasslehoff

Love the face of Michael Knight or the singing skills of David Hasselhoff? If you do then you will be very happy to know you can have the celebrity in your Google Plus photos. Today is the best day, to transfer your photographs to Google Plus, as Google has recently presented another characteristic: say hello to Auto Awesome Photobombs.

Transfer another representation toward oneself, or an assembly photograph with companions, but make sure you leave some space for The Hoff. He may very well make your photograph a little more #hoffsome, says Google.

You may have been waiting all your life to take the perfect selfie with David Hasselhoff and now you do not need to, just store photos to Google Plus and The Hoff will make an appearance.

To get your own photobomb, upload a new self-portrait or group photo with friends, and leave a little room for The Hoff. He might just make a surprise appearance – are you ready for The Hoff?

Please read the official announcement explaining in detail over on the Google Blog. Check out many more photobombs with The Hoff in them here.

Google Plus Photobomb photos with David Hasslehoff