First tweet ever on twitter finder

Ever wanted to know what your first ever tweet was, or someone else’s come to that? If the answer is yes then you will love ‘First Tweet’.

OSM’s first ever tweet was back in 2010, which said “Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story”

Richard Branson’s first tweet was, “It’s cold and will only get worse but at the moment it’s bearable. Holly and Sam are coping well as are the rest of the crew,” which was added at 7:23 PM on 22 Oct 2008.

Ellen DeGeneres’s first tweet said, “Tis my first twitt-er. Or tweet? Twit? Or tweet? “Twit or tweet everybody.” Is this anything?” posted at 7:03 PM on 10 Mar 2009.

Twitter has launched a new find-your-first-tweet feature. If you visit and punch in your @name you will discover what your very first tweet was when you started your account. Let’s say on the off chance that you needed to discover somebody’s old messages on Twitter you would have had to go through hundreds, even thousands, of tweets – not anymore.

Visit first-tweets right now and put your name in or someone else’s, have fun.

What was your first ever tweet?

First tweet ever on twitter finder