Facebook Marketplace design, shopping using Oculus Rift

Facebook’s price per share dropped 6.9 per cent last week, the first full day taken after the affirmation that the organization is to get Oculus VR.

The organization’s offer value fell $4.51 to close at $60.38, after the firm said that it has consented to purchase the Oculus Rift creator in an arrangement that could be worth in abundance of $2 billion.

Oculus will be paid $400 million in money and will also get $1.6 billion worth of Facebook shares, with a guarantee of up to an extra $300 million in money and stock relying upon the accomplishment of certain undisclosed milestones.

So, what would happen if a user wore the Oculus VR with Facebook?

Integrating Facebook with the virtual reality experience will be amazing, and after watching the video below we are very excited indeed. The Oculus Rift-powered Facebook experience may be the next best thing when it comes to shopping online using the social network. We do have in the back of our mind that Google Glass would be a better choice for social media networking, just imagine Google Glass with Google Plus.

We are not too sure about the Oculus VR design, but we are guessing this would get a lot better over time. In the video you see a man asked on-screen if he has the Oculus VR and he clicks yes and put the goggles on. He then looks at a handbag and then places his hands in front of him allowing the ability to turn the bag around with his movements, then he video chats with a lady where gives her opinion on what he has chosen, then he clicks the purchase tab.

Facebook virtual reality shopping, we love it – Do you?

Facebook Marketplace design, shopping using Oculus VR