Gmail sign up to Pinterest-like Promotions Tab layout

When you visit your Gmail account you will see the normal inbox with tabs including Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates, but there is a new Promotions tab layout now that looks a lot like Pinterest.

The Gmail inbox was update last year with the new tabs and we love it, makes everything so much neater and very much quicker when going through emails – not too sure is Gmail users will like the Pinterest-like layout design though!

To sign up to new Gmail Pinterest-like Promotions Tab layout you will need to visit – just visit this page and sign up to the new field trial, if they get good feedback then we guess it will stay. You will need to be selected and if you are you will get to try out the new grid view, which will bring images from offers, deals and many other marketing emails if you have the Promotions tab enabled.

The new layout also provides infinite scrolling instead of page 1, 2, 3 etc. Love the fact the new matrix view has endless scrolling, you’ll have the ability to flip between the new visual matrix and the standard perspective with the click a single click of to new viewing tabs, which includes grid or list view.

In the event that this new photograph centered variant of Gmail sounds fascinating, head over to Google’s site to sign up for the field trial. As of right now, the trial is just accessible to English clients with addresses; if you are chosen after signing up you will notice a new email in your Gmail Promotions tab.

What do you think of the new Pinterest-like Gmail Promotions Tab layout?

Gmail sign up to Pinterest-like Promotions Tab layout