Alia Bhatt twitter account real, Facebook is fake

Alia Bhatt took to her Twitter account, which is real to let her 1.2 million followers know she doesn’t have a Facebook page. The Bollywood Indian film actress said if you come across any Facebook page in her name it will be fake.

On the Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) Twitter profile the “Highway” actress tweeted the following shown below –

Even her step-sister took to Twitter to say “Someone running @aliaa08’s FAKE ‘verified page’ quotes her as thanking a Nk Productions Ltd for managing her account. Do the math folks!”

If no official Alia Bhatt Facebook page exists then it means these are not real – Alia Bhatt with 300,188 likes, this one with 135k likes is not real either, even this one with 195k is fake also.

So many Facebook profiles have been set up using the actresses’ name, but we can now report thanks to her tweet they are all fake.

After she tweeted her message on Twitter a few followers were somewhat confused, one said, “@aliaa08 OMG i have send them ur bdae vedio made by me!! N i m following them :O,” another said, “@aliaa08 really, I have seen one verified @facebook of ures #strange.”

Have you been following Alia Bhatt believing it was real and not fake?

Alia Bhatt twitter account real, Facebook is fake