James Arthur Twitter rant, who wants the HQ job?

James Arthur who won the X Factor in 2012 is not too shy in coming forward on his Twitter account, he really does say it how it is and in his latest Twitter rant he asked, “Who wants the HQ job?”

Late last year we all got to see the James Arthur vs Frankie Boyle tweet war between the two, which all started with Frankie Boyle insulting James Arthur because of his lack of education, and then Arthur came back with a string of comebacks.

Also last year fans saw James Arthur leave Twitter for a short spell, he tweeted, he was leaving Twitter for good and HQ will be tweeting on his behalf,” but he was back sooner than everyone thought.

HQ did tweet on his behalf but James Arthur did not seem to like this, HQ were leaving hashtags in their tweets such as ‘#LOVE’ and the singer did not seem to like this. James Arthur came back on to Twitter to question his PR team because it was embarrassing.

You can see Paul Potts relying a few times here.

You can then see a tweet saying, “Announcements to come! Seeing as though I’m doing this for the fans and I’m not charging for it I would like you to design the front cover,” but then the next tweet straight after said, “I would like the front cover to be a drawing of the killer whale/ Orca from sea world who features in the documentary “Blackfish” TILIKUM.”

James Arthur did mention Paul Potts in his tweets, but Potts did reply by saying, “The trouble is that sometimes people look for a reaction. James shouldn’t be so willing to give them what they want,” he also tweeted these below – Potts seems to be replying to Is This Love @susanmarydavey after James Arthur said, “Stick to promoting Paul Potts please. Thanks. #LOVE.”

Paul Potts tweets with @susanmarydavey included –

Paul Potts also said, “@susanmarydavey he’s not an amateur any more and he’s been doing it long enough to figure out how the system works,” and “@susanmarydavey there for a reason. They can be the bad guy so that he doesn’t look bad. That’s 1 of reasons they get their commission.” Read more of the tweets here.

Paul Potts also replied to Huffington Post with, “@HuffPostUKEnt To be fair, I didn’t see it as a pop at me, and I certainly wasn’t angered by it. Takes quite a bit more than that!” He also said, “@HuffPostUKEnt I just felt he was ill advised to burn his bridges. He needs the support of his team at Syco.”

What are your views on James Arthur – do you think he is too outspoken?

James Arthur Twitter rant, who wants the HQ job?