Shakira and Rihanna in Facebook reputation

The Latin music star Shakira has become the most liked celebrity on social media site Facebook, this was announced on the singer’s Facebook page with her very own statement on March 21st thanking her fans for all their support.

Rihanna was always ahead of Shakira when it came to Facebook likes but 2014 changes this, if you look now you will see that Shakira has 86,741,814 likes and Rihanna has 86,313,564, there is not much in it but Shakira is ahead.

Shakira said in her statement “Wow… I was just told I now have the most-followed page on Facebook in the world! I still cannot believe it!” the post reads. “I always wanted to have a lot of friends but never imagined it would be so many… 86 [million]! So humbled, can’t thank you guys enough for your support. I feel so fortunate to have you. Giant kiss! Forever thankful, Shak.”

Shakira’s new album simply titled ‘Shakira’ is out today via iTunes and Amazon, go buy your copy right now.

Shakira is now listed at number 5 on the top 100 Facebook list, Rihanna is not too far behind at number 6. Who do you follow – Shakira or Rihanna?

Shakira and Rihanna in Facebook reputation