Pinterest Gifts feed provides shopping ideas for some

The new Pinterest Gifts feed has been released and provides shopping ideas for some, the reason we say some is simply down to the new feed only being available to those in the US as far as we can see, those in the UK cannot see the price filters at the top.

Pinterest has always been a good social platform for those that love shopping, gift ideas etc – if this is you we can see you loving the new Pinterest Gifts feed that was recently implemented.

The new Pinterest Gifts feed shows many different products you could buy, many well-known names such as Etsy, Zazzle, Nordstrom and so many more are listed who are selling products via this new feed.

What product is right for you? Many shoppers know what product is for them and ‘Product Pins’ show availability, pricing and of course where to buy right on the Pin itself. If you live in the US you will see the new Gifts Feed price filters at the top, this covers all type of budget in dollars.

There are five types – All / $ / $$ / $$$ and $$$$, the four dollar signs means greater than $200, $$$ is for those wishing to spend between $50-$200, $$ is from $25 to $50 and $ is for products under this.

Pinners also get email notifications when Product Pins they’ve saved drop in price according to businessblog.pinterest – Please remember those in the UK will NOT be able to see the price filters but can still see the Pinterest Gifts feed.

What do you think of the new Pinterest Gifts feed?

If you wish to add your brand name to the new Pinterest Gifts feed you will need to set up your Rich Pin.

Pinterest Gifts feed provides shopping ideas for some