No makeup selfie and new Sellotape selfie trend

Since the liberating no makeup selfie campaign started over on Facebook in support of cancer awareness it has been reported in just 48 hours €500,000 has been raised in Ireland and over €2.5m in the UK.

Many Facebook users would have seen women post a photo of themselves with no make up on at all, once they posted their photo they would then donate money to a cancer charity – but this did not stop at women taking selfies and raising money.

Men have also been taking selfies and posting them, one is where men would be semi-naked with a sock covering their genital area otherwise known as ‘Sock in a c**k’, the other selfie shows men wearing makeup.

The breast cancer selfie by women wearing no make up at all is a very good idea; it shows they are supporting a very good cause. There are not many women that like taking photos without wearing makeup so well done ladies, massive well done.

Since the new no makeup selfie for cancer research went live a new Facebook selfie trend went viral, say hello to the ‘Sellotape Selfie’ – this should also raise money for cancer research, but not sure if it does.

People are taking photos and posting them on Facebook wearing sellotape around their face to show bizarre caricatures of themselves, it has become so popular there is a dedicated Facebook page. The FB page titled “Sellotape Selfie” already as 164k likes, as we all know Sellotape is a popular British brand of clear tape that adheres things together.

First we had the Facebook neknomination drinking game trend, then we had the no make up selfie trend for cancer research, then there was the men wearing make up and now the new Sellotape selfie – the last one mentioned does not seem to raise money, which we believe should for a named charity of the creators choice.

Was you a part of the no makeup selfie Cancer awareness?

No makeup selfie and new Sellotape selfie