Google Plus Look Back video and debatable lonesome

To say Google Plus is ghost town is rather amusing, even funnier than that is the Funny or Die video provided below titled ‘Google+ Look Back’, which is based on the Facebook Look Back videos.

The Google Plus Look Back video spoof below will have you smiling, The video starts off by saying ‘Google+ A Step Back’ and then says in the video ‘RIP Facebook’, it continues to let you know you have no one in your Circles, and also takes fun of the fact you have no photos – well you do just 3 of them according to this video.

I have to sit here and personally debate the fact when people say no one is on Google Plus and that is why it is called the ghost town social network, take a look at my personal Google Plus profile and you can see I have 45,339 in Circles, for me this is NOT a ghost town but a thriving one.

OK, I know the video below is only a spoof and mocking, and yes it is very funny, but we can see a few G+ users having a little debate about the video.

Do you use Google Plus? If you do not then the video below explains why you are not on the social network – If a tree falls in a forest and shares it on Google Plus, does it make a noise?

The video shown below was published by Funny or Die on February 12, 2014 and has had 48k views – not surprising really considering Google Plus is much better than the video suggests.

Do you use Google Plus? Google Plus lonesome is debatable because there are more people on there than you think. If you do please do add me here – you can also add OSM as well here.

Google Plus separation with new Photos and Streams features pic 1

  • souliaq

    Very funny indeed, but of course, is over exaggerated.