Google Plus Hangouts outage and user feedback

A few days ago there were problems with Google Plus hangouts, it was reported it was undergoing a service issue, which impacted the ability for starting Hangouts on Air and now we would like get users responses of the issue.

Google Plus Daily reported the news about the Google Hangouts outage, error messages were appearing and for some using the Chrome extension for Hangouts may have seen messages saying that the recipient “isn’t on Hangouts at the moment”.

The source above did update its article a few times, we are not too sure if the problem was widespread so we are calling out to you all that suffered.

If you visit the YouTube Creators Google Plus post it sais the service has been restored, which is great news – but we would still like users feedback on the matter.

After looking into this a little more we did receive a few emails from Google users saying they were also having issues with Gmail. No one seems to know what the real problem behind the Google Plus Hangouts outage was and we are still awaiting answers.

Are you having any problems at all with any Google service such as Hangouts, Gmail etc? Id you are please do let us know what service it is and where you are.

Google Plus Hangouts outage and user feedback

  • Esmy

    Hangouts has stopped working-_-