New rugby, netball Play of the Week NZ YouTube channel

If you are Tactix or Crusaders fans you wills surely love the new rugby, netball Play of the Week YouTube channel that has just been launched.

The new YouTube channel is dedicated to the above teams and watchers can watch and even vote of their own favourite play of the week. Thanks to WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds, New Zealand’s most preferred tax refund provider you can now get to enjoy the new sporting channel.

Short clips from both Tactix and Crusaders will be uploaded and the YouTube Channel also links to both Facebook and Google Plus, visit these because those who do vote could be in with a chance to win many prizes.

Get to see outstanding plays during the EasiYo Tactix netball games etc will all be at hand, Play of the Week sponsor WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds chief marketing officer Chris Cameron says the channel is a great way to get fans involved.

The new YouTube channel allows fans to debate and replay the video clips, they are selected by representatives from the Tactix and Crusaders each week, the plays will be less than one-minute, which leaves the viewer to vote after watching quickly. The new YouTube channel has 7 subscribers and has had 1,475 views.

What do you think of the new Play of the Week YouTube channel?

New rugby, netball Play of the Week YouTube channel