Google Plus offenders rarely need blocking

All you ever hear Facebook users saying is that they have had a friends clean out, so much so many have deleted friends they do not either chat to or because they are getting bombarded with a load of rubbish status messages with no meaning – but this does not seem to happen often over on Google Plus.

The main culprit for Facebook friend deletion is the wall getting splattered with game requests, yet again this does not happen on Google Plus often.

Do not get us wrong, it does happen on Google Plus where some will put on your feed photos of themselves, or comments with no meaning at all to the post you shared. In some cases you may have to delete one or two Google Plus offenders, in the time I have been on there I have not had to delete one single person.

If you do need to delete someone from Google Plus do not worry, it is not the case of taking a few headache tablets and allowing the commencing of hair pulling. It is all rather simple and very quick to do.

Just sign into Google Plus, then go to the person’s profile you wish to delete. Once you have done this please click on the little arrow located below their name, you will see the words ‘Mute (Person’s Name) so just click on this, this will automatically stop any notifications coming to you from this particular person.

This means they are still in your Circle, if this is not enough you could opt for the Report/Block option. This will delete them from your circles, it will also stop them commenting, stops them +1 your posts, they will be able to view your posts though.

This is very rare Google Plus users have to use the mute person option, let alone using the report/block option.

Have you ever had to block any Google Plus users?

Google Plus offenders rarely need blocking

  • Esmy