Deepika Padukone vs Priyanka Chopra in social fan base

When it comes to Bollywood stars two hot names comes to mind, these include Priyanka Chopra and beautiful Deepika Padukone – but which one has the most social fans following them?

Lakme Fashion week 2014 has begun and Priyanka Chopra showcased a Neeta Lulla outfit, she can also be seen in a stunning Alexander McQueen outfit, which really shows of her gorgeous figure.

On Twitter the beautiful Priyanka Chopra has 5.7 million followers, there are many Facebook profiles but the one with the most on is this one with 11,298,980 likes is this one.

There is so much news covering Deepika Padukone at the moment, Bollywood Life asks the question, “Will Sonam Kapoor’s success threaten Deepika Padukone’s growth in Bollywood?” Have a read and see if you agree with them, the actress also recently turned assistant director for Ranveer Singh’s film.

On Twitter the beautiful hot Deepika Padukone has 5.57 million followers, on Facebook she has 15m likes.

Both Indian actresses look beautiful and they are very good at what they do best – Who do you follow, Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra?

Deepika Padukone vs Priyanka Chopra in social fan base