Chumlee dead after drugs overdose is fake

You may have seen breaking news all over Twitter, Facebook and many other social networks reporting Chumlee dead. The reality star from the hit History Channel series called Pawn Stars apparently died after an overdose, this has since been verified as fake on Twitter.

Seeing many reports with the main part of the title being ‘Chumlee Dead’ or Chumlee dies of overdose’ obviously got people worried – but do not worry because he is alive and kicking.

Chumlee (Real name Austin Russell) is well and tweeted so, his co-star Rick Harrison also tweeted by saying he is alive and well – please check out the tweet below.

The Chumlee death hoax is rather sick, but this happens all the time and it will never stop. Morgan Freeman has died more times than we can remember, tabloid sites also reported that Betty White, 92 died as well.

The hoax started from a fake TMZ-lookalike website as well as another hoax news website called eBuzzd, do not ever believe in sites you are not familiar with.

Hey, Chumlee’ are you dead or alive? We just wish to say we are glad you are alive and all the best with your filming, stay safe.

Chumlee dead after drugs overdose is fake