Pakistani Actress Sana Khan accident fools Facebook, Twitter fans

Seems a little like this week is all about scams and hoaxes, earlier on today we reported about the ‘Malaysia Airlines found Facebook scam’, and today the latest news about Pakistani Actress Sana Khan has come to light.

Sana Khan was all over social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter after news reported she died after a road accident. You have only got to search the name Sana Khan in Facebook and Twitter to see all the messages about her death etc.

TOI Entertainment reports it was the case of mistaken identity for Sana Khan, the actress who starred in Jai Ho and The former Bigg Boss contestant got so many phone calls from family and friends, the news all started after a website used the same name of another woman who passed away after a road accident, it was NOT the actress who died.

The actress obviously shocked to see a picture on the website and learning she had just died also fooled the social media world, must have been a little heavy on the mind to see ‘RIP’, ‘Rest in Peace’ and “It is so sad, she will be missed’ must have been heart wrenching.

Sana (THE ACTRESS) had to clarify that it was not her in the road accident and that she is perfectly fine, when we (OSM) saw the messages on Facebook and Twitter we actually believed it as well. So glad we did not publish news on this when we heard of the news, we waited for clarification.

Times of India reports that Sana Khan received 50 messages on her phone from her family, she messaged those people to set the clarification she is alive and licking.

Did you believe Pakistani actress Sana Khan died in a road accident?

Pakistani Actress Sana Khan accident fools social media

  • changez

    Stop blaming for everything! Do you think that it is just rumour for Indian Sana khan ?? Idiots!! Go and search with her husband name (Babar khan and Sana khan). You must know truth before going to say WRONG!!