Google Plus reverts back to boring post design: Update

Oh dear, Google Plus please go back to what looked nice. Google Plus reverts back to boring post design, we noticed this late last night and could not understand why they made the change when it looked great – so why the change back?

Google Plus Daily are really on the ball when it comes to reporting news on anything Google+, they reported about this Saturday and we spotted it late last night so thought we would share with you today.

On March 13 we showed you the difference in the way Google Plus posts looked, and we really liked the new design – slick comes to mind. But, the Google Plus posts have been reverted back to normal to show one line URL and a small picture again.

The source above sheds a little light on the matter, according to Software Engineer Manager on Google+, +Wayne Crosby messaged on +Guy kawasaki’s post saying, “Unfortunately we needed to roll this feature back, but it will be reenabled Monday.”

They changed back because the Google Plus team wants to perfect the design, there were obviously other reasons but we are not sure of these.

It has not been reverted back to the new design as of yet, hopefully at some point today we will see the change. One GPD commenter said, “I think that with the large pictures and large video thumbnails, it was getting too crowded,” OSM actually prefers the new look rather than the plain and simple look.

Do you prefer the new or old Google Plus post design?

UPDATE: The new design is now back, please do let us know what you think of it!

Google Plus reverts back to boring post design

  • Naomi Chapman

    Ahhh.. good to know it’s only temporary! Roll on Monday then! We don’t want to be bored for too long G!