Pinterest transparency report reflects user base

The Pinterest transparency report archive has at last showing online and now shows the bi-annual six months from July to December 2013.

Many Internet firms publish its annual transparency report and Pinterest decided they should as well, what is very interesting is the report is not very large compared to the likes of Facebook, but it does reflect Pinterest’s user base.

Companies that store information from Internet, phone companies, banks and even email providers they must respond to certain requests for such information from the likes of courts, law enforcement agencies and others. Adam Barton, a project manager at Pinterest believes we should all know about these requests.

The Pinterest transparency report from July to December 2013 shows what they have received in the 6-month period, such as 1 civil subpoena, 7 warrants, 5 subpoenas, requests about 13 user accounts and 0 other requests.

There were 12 requests in total with 11 being state/local and the other 1 being federal.

Please do look at the full Pinterest transparency report archive for more details, as it is rather interesting.

Whilst on the subject of Pinterest did any of you notice the ‘Home Feed’ not working yesterday? The pinning site said they were having a few problems with the home feed, they soon got it up and running but would still like to know if you had issues. They posted this news at 15:50 – 3/13/14.

Pinterest transparency report reflects user base