Reddit outage, connection timed out today: Update

Reddit seemed to have had an outage problem at today, every time we tried to open the website we got left with an on-screen message saying, “The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.” However, the site still seems to be very slow loading.

We thought this might have been a problem our end but other sites are all opening fine, we then cleared our browser history and cache as well as restarting routers and PC etc, but still Reddit will not show.

After doing the above we decided to call a few friends and ask if they can get onto the Reddit website and they said “No.” We here at OSM also visited and when we done a search on Reddit it said the last downtime was more than a week ago, its response time sat at 20.69ms.

What is strange is Reddit seems to be working fine on Safari, but when trying to open in Firefox the site will not open. When we try to log in it seems to take a while, is this happening to you?

After 30 minutes or so Reddit was all up and running again – Have you had any outage problems with Reddit today?

UPDATE: We have been told Reddit did not have an outage, it was apparently a planned maintenance.

Reddit outage connection timed out today