LinkedIn UK users shown in new statistics

The new LinkedIn UK statistics are in and they also show the breakdown numbers by profession as well, linkedIn now has over 15 million members in Britain alone with a total worldwide number of 277m.

In 2012 LinkedIn has only 2 million members in the UK and 2011 it climbed to a staggering number of 10m and now there are 15m UK members, which is a 50 per cent increase from September 2012.

Love the fact the screenshot above via Metro gives breakdown numbers by profession, the list shows 374,000 engineers, 48,000 solicitors, 12,500 journalists, 7,000 hairdressers, 4,000 farmers, and a few others.

There are 2.1m groups on LinkedIn and the stats below shows that 65% of British students feel they have not been prepared for the world of work, 66% say the economic climate has put their dreams of an ideal job on hold. 72% feel they have settled for something less than they wanted, these figures come via the 30m-plus students on LinkedIn.

Over 45m profiles are viewed each day; there are over 3m company pages on LinkedIn representing more than 140 industries.

If we look at the ‘Members by Industry’ the numbers are as follows: Retail 372,000, Hospital and health care 391,000, Financial services 399,000, Construction 421,000 and Information technology sits at 540,000.

Are you from the UK and on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn UK users shown in new statistics pic 2

LinkedIn UK users shown in new statistics