Google Plus new look refresh changes post style

We all love change and the new Google Plus refresh looks incredible, the new look refresh basically changes the whole post style.

The Google Plus update must have happened late last night because for us the way the postings looked were like the one shown below, the one shown above is the new style.

When you grab a URL and pasted it into the Google Plus box now you will see that the bottom of the photo looks totally different with a jagged edge, the whole post size is a lot bigger as well – Look awesome though we do have to say.

The photo is much bigger, the title of the article you have post is much larger than before and in bold as well to make it more prominent. Before when you pasted a URL it would bring up a small photo non-bold title and it would also put the URL link under the brief description, the new look does not show the URL link.

The Google Plus new look is great and we love it, more stylish and professional looking – Well done Google. Please do take a look at the OSM Google Plus page.

Do you like the Google Plus new look?

google plus old style

Google Plus new look refresh changes post style

  • Ron Lee

    very slick i think