Hashima Japan Ghost Island tour via Google Street View

There does not seem to be any social media sites on Hashima Island, also known as ‘The Ghost Island. No Facebook or Twitter accounts exists as far as we can see, but there is a fantastic website that allows you to tour the eerie island thanks to Google Street View.

The Japan Ghost Island live tour that you direct yourself was released last year June 27th 2013, the stunning street view walkthrough and photographs released by Google of Hashima Island ‘The forgotten world’ aka Gunkanjima is absolutely stunning with the help of Google Chrome.

We here at OSM wanted to find if there were any social media sites about this island, we were prompted to look after finding out about t new movie set to release on 27 March 2014. The new movie is called ‘Project Hashima’; the island seems to be a popular choice for movies because back in 2012 the James Bond film Skyfall was filmed there. Watch the movie trailer after the Google Street view video – have fun.

If you visit this website you will be able to click away and walk around the Ghost Island, you can view on any browser but it is recommend you use Google Chrome for the full experience. You can take a walking tour starting for the pier, other places you can tour include: Nikkyu Flats, Stairway to Hell, Block 65, Primary School, Glover House and The Coal Mine.

In 1941 Hashima’s coal production was astonishing peaking at over 400,000 tons, but many people on the island died, the atomic bomb shattered lives and Japan surrendered in 1945 to the Allied forces, there were many accidents on the island including 1300 labourers losing their lives – the deaths were due to either accidents underground, malnutrition, illnesses and exhaustion, some even committed suicide by jumping into the sea so that they could get to mainland.

Should there be Facebook and Twitter pages all about the Hashima Ghost Island?

Hashima Japan Ghost Island tour via Google Street View