New Facebook redesign not interfering with advertising

Call it ugly or call it pretty, we know for sure the new Facebook redesign to its News Feed is about to release and it is causing a few mixed reactions. The new design will not be interfering with advertising or content either, not what we all thought.

Around a year ago Facebook mentioned it was going to make serious changes to its News Feed, and now we can announce that changes have been made and will all be turned on in a couple of weeks time according to TechCrunch.

The desktop version of Facebook will see changes to its ‘News Feed’; a new look is about to be born. Looking at the screenshot we cannot see any real changes making us sit forward in our seats wanting to start shouting anything exciting.

The new look if that’s what you call it includes more important photos that will span across the whole news feed; there will be font changes also. There will be larger buttons added to the people you may know area, there is now a change to the icons on the add photos/videos and update status tabs across the top.

The ads, content etc will not be affected in any way shape or form with the new Facebook redesign; we would prefer to call it a Facebook design tweak rather than a redesign.

For more information about the Facebook redesign please visit TechCrunch above – Are you looking forward to the new Facebook Redesign rollout release in a few weeks?

New Facebook redesign not interfering with advertising