Emirates NBD banking firm now online with LinkedIn

Emirates NBD has officially launched its social media presence with its new LinkedIn page, and this is good news because it shows they want to be a part of the social network and it looks like they are doing it well with over 18,000 followers so far.

It is a new way for Emirates NBD to communicate with the likes of Business Banking customers, potential employees and entrepreneurs and many more. They already have a great following over on Twitter and Facebook and it was only a matter of time before the LinkedIn profile page was created.

Business professionals, organisations and of course individuals are taking to LinkedIn for both Jobs and of course general discussions on business matters, so it makes sense for Emirates NBD to make its LinkedIn page official.

They are a leading United Arab Emirates bank and they need to makes its presence on LinkedIn strong, social media it a very good way to connect with its stakeholders and corporate customers.

Go to your LinkedIn login and please find out more about Emirates NBD, follow them now.

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Emirates NBD online banking firm launches LinkedIn