What Google Plus users think of Facebook

Two days ago we reported about a new Google Plus community I started called “Google Plus is so much better than Facebook – right,” and two days ago it had 70 members. However, if you look now there are just over 200 members and the response has been great – So what do Google Plus users really think of Facebook?

Please do not get me wrong in thinking I started the community to hate on Facebook, under the contrary; it was created because seeing as I have over 45,000 followers on my personal Google Plus the debate of Google Plus being better than Facebook has popped up on a few occasions.

In some cases Facebook users are leaving and moving over to Google Plus, we would personally always have as many social media accounts as possible because you learn more about those on there, I prefer both platforms as they have different audiences.

I will not draw myself into the debate myself as I use both FB and G+, I do like the look of Google Plus more than Facebook. Anyway, please read on as some of the ‘Google Plus is so much better than Facebook – right’ community members had their say on what they think about the two platforms.

My favorite comment was by Al Reid who said, “Firstly, as a 60 year old, shy, disabled guy with few interests, I find it difficult to approach people on the net to initiate any kind of relationship. I have to admit that my use of G+ is limited and I haven’t really immersed myself very much in the social side up till now. When it first launched I invited my close family and a few friends (sadly, I don’t have many) but only my wife and one of my sons joined, just to please me I fear. Until now, neither of them has used G+ at all. My wife is heavily into a couple of the games on Facebook, so doesn’t really feel the need to use another similar programme and my son has all his friends and his partner on Facebook. I would much prefer to use G+ but, admittedly, need to make more of an effort to try to find a group of people with similar likes and interests. Help needed. Lol.”

Another member said that they prefer G Plus because they do very little on Facebook, they carried on to say they like Google Plus because of the content, the general ideas coming along in the streams. The layout of G plus is so much better. But that is a matter of taste, so I rather don’t compare them. Another said that it is the animated GIFs of course that makes Google Plus so much better than Facebook.

But not everyone over on Google Plus will favour any of the platforms mentioned, they posted a comment saying, “Facebook and Google+ are two very different platforms, each with their own characteristics. They cannot be compared, and neither one is better than the other. It’s apples and oranges.” But, in reply to this another member said, “Bottom line? They can be compared, as Facebook is really a small sand castle on Google’s beach and if you had to choose one, as a major brand, focused on building deep peer networks which one would you choose. Google + is simply sublime, I am shocked how much I have learnt in such a small time. It is people ignorance that fuels this debate. Facebook will struggle to exist in less than 5 years.”

Another commented by saying, “I do enjoy using Google+ more than Facebook. I’m just about ready to abandon my Facebook account. Still have family on there and some friends that have not converted and probably won’t.’

Do you prefer Facebook or Google Plus?

What Google Plus users think of Facebook