Twitter password reset change and users response tweets

Twitter users were somewhat worried when they received an email saying their accounts had been hacked on Monday, sent from Twitter users were told that they would have to reset and change their passwords.

The email by was a mistake and was not supposed to be sent to Twitter users, someone accidently pressed the wrong button and the nightmare was sent to millions.

The email was send explaining the Twitter account compromise by a service not associated with Twitter, users were prompted to change their passwords to a new one, even though Twitter had reset their logins.

Twitter did respond to users confirming the emails were sent by mistake, to put it in short terms Twitter said they did not mean to send the password reset notice and was due to a system error, maybe they actually meant system error as in a person and not a system.

So many Twitter users were not happy about the above and tweeted their own messages, read some of them below – Were you unhappy about the new Twitter password reset change?

Twitter password reset change and users response tweets