Facebook policy on gun sales, removal of posts

Facebook marketing and sales is very big indeed because of the amount of users on the social networking site; the site has just released a press release stating any posts relating to guns will be removed.

If any Facebook post relating to guns are posted on the site they will be removed if users show any kind of willingness to break the law, such as selling guns and not asking for a background check.

Any posts relating to guns or any other regulated items will be limited to users over the age of 18, they will be sent a message by Facebook letting them know they should meet the terms with relevant laws and regulations.

Those using any type of social network especially Facebook already knows that it is not permitted to advertise prescription pharmaceuticals, weapons of any type, illegal drugs or tobacco, and Facebook has been under pressure for some time now from lobbying groups to change its policy on any such post selling guns.

Facebook was set in place as a social networking site for friends and family, but then this changed and many businesses around the world advertise products, and we know if a business can do this general public will post an item for sale as well.

In the press release Facebook did state, “Today, we are introducing a series of new educational and enforcement efforts for people discussing the private sale of regulated items,” read more about this here.

Facebook are applying to the new change and this also applies to the photo-sharing site media site Instagram.

Are Facebook right in cracking down on gun posts and its policy change?

Facebook policy on gun sales, removal of posts