Social media teen confidence vs low self-esteem

Most social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have teens as well as adults, there are many parents who do not like the idea of their son or daughter on these sites, they believe there are risks – but a recent report says that social media can boost kids confidence.

The video below via WKEF ABC 22 is rather interest and highlights what the kids think about social media sites such as Facebook.

It is said in the video that Facebook helps children find more friends and that they re not shy at all after getting to know people, it helps improve their self-esteem.

In the news report it was said by experts that parents shouldn’t let the stigma about these social networks bother them, they should allow their child to interact digitally with their friends.

We here at OSM will not say too much because it will spoil the video provided below, but according to Child psychologist Dr. Gregory Ramey children’s relationships offline with family and friends can be stronger thanks to online activity.

Many kids are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, some say it can help boost their confidence and many will disagree. ON Facebook you have to be 13 to open an account, but we have all heard of the horror stories of children be bullied online, but does this really happen a lot.

Do you believe social media sites help build a teenager’s confidence or do you believe it provides them with a low-self-esteem? What is the perfect age for a social network profile?

Social media teen confidence vs low self-esteem

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