Rights to Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014 Twitter selfie

At the Oscars 2014 Ellen DeGeneres decided she would take a selfie of a few stars, and even though this was her selfie it apparently does not give her any rights to the photo.

The Ellen DeGeneres selfie photo shot to fame when she put it on Twitter, the single photo included herself Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, and Brad Pitt and many more.

Since being uploaded on Twitter the social networking site was stopped in its tracks because the Ellen DeGeneres selfie became the most tweeted photo of all time, it has been retweeted 3,250,174 and added to favorites 1,800,499 time – she tweeted the following to go with the photo, “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.”

The Simpsons done their own photo (Shown below) and so far this parody has had 46,106 retweets and added to favorites 38,401times.

TMZ reports that it is Bradley Cooper who owns the right to the photo because he was the one who took it and DeGeneres orchestrating it.

Oh dear Ellen DeGeneres, maybe you should have taken the photo after all, when DeGeneres added the photo to her Twitter account it got tweeted so many times by the general public as well as other celebrities, including Bradley Cooper – so we know for sure he is not to fussed about who owns the rights to the image.

But if this selfie photo ever made it to production or merchandising, would Copper then come forward saying he owns the rights?

Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014 original selfie vs The Simpsons photo, what one do you prefer?

Rights to Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014 Twitter selfie - simpsons

Rights to Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014 Twitter selfie