Facebook drones to conquer Internet less fortunate

Seems the general public have a few things to say about Facebook looking into buying Titan Aerospace, the drone company.

So much response has happened over the last couple of days since TechCrunch reported the news of Facebook in talks into acquiring Titan Aerospace, what we have noticed a lot of is a few mentioning that countries are in need of food, water and there are people around the world suffering from illnesses and poverty, should Facebook be putting money into this rather than putting drones in space.

You will always get two sides of an argument, one for the great of good and the other displaying a dislike to Facebook’s actions. Some will say Facebook buying Titan Aerospace to put drones into space is a great idea because it will bring Internet access to conquer the Internet less fortunate.

If the $60 million plan goes ahead it will bring Internet access to another 5 billion people worldwide, and this is brilliant news because it will help the masses that cannot afford Internet access.

The near-orbital solar-powered drones will be able to fly for up to 5 years without having the need to land, if the Facebook Titan acquisition goes ahead this would allow the drones to provide internet access with the joint efforts of the Internet.org initiative. Mark Zuckerberg would put into place the building of 11,000 Solara 60 model drones, please watch the video below to learn more about the drones.

The drones would be good for watching the weather such as storms to help in disaster relief, as well as providing a more affordable Internet access to those that cannot afford it now. The communication capabilities is what Facebook will concentrate on though we believe.

What are your views on Facebook thinking of buying Titan Aerospace to put drones into near orbit?

Facebook drones to conquer Internet less fortunate