Carlos Martinez Twitter pictures removed after shame

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez was left embarrassed after many illicit pictures were posted on his Twitter favourites list, even his manager Mike Matheny felt embarrassed by it all.

Carlos Martinez’s Twitter profile @Tsunamy27 has over 22k followers, but it was his Twitter favourites list that we all know is public showed pictures to hardcore pornography, they were very revealing to say the least.

Deadspin have a video of Carlos Martinez’s Twitter favourites; please only visit this if you are not worried about seeing pornography.

Having these sort of images showing on his Twitter can be very bad if a young fan sees them, the Cardinals manager has put out a warning, which is the third time apparently to be more aware and diligent on social media sites.

Fans worship sports stars, even young ones and having these sorts of pictures on Twitter is not good for their image.

As you can see here on the Carlos Martinez @Tsunamy27 account, all is clean with no bad pictures in sight.

Should any person showing pornography on their Twitter account be warned to remove such pictures, or should they instantly be banned and their account removed?

Carlos Martinez Twitter pictures removed after shame